Monday, 16 November 2009

Jerry Fuchs R.I.P

Last week DFA stable drummer Gerhardt "Jerry" Fuchs sadly lost his life in a tragic accident at a venue in Brooklyn N.Y.
I have always had a fascination with drums and drummers and believe Fuchs to have been one of the finest of the modern era.
He was a member of various groups such as Maserati, !!! (Chik Chik Chik),Turing Machine, Holy Ghost! and the amazing The Juan Maclean to name a few. This video captures the unbelievable talent that he was and was shot at the Double Door in Chicago on June 16th of this year. It's a 20 minute version of "Happy House" by The Juan Maclean and is utterly mesmerising.

Jerry Fuchs 30th Dec 1974 - 8th Nov 2009

The Juan MacLean - Happy House (Live @ The Double Door) from The Belmont Sessions on Vimeo.

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