Sunday, 18 January 2009

Really Wanna See You

The Invisible Man's Band were the brainchild of Clarence Burke, brother of Keni Burke and originally a member of the Chicago family group The Stairsteps. Together with Alex Masucci, Clarence took the group to Island Records in the late 70's and enjoyed success on the UK soul scene with 'All Night Thing' in 1979.
The album 'Invisible Man's Band' followed the next year along with a follow-up single 'Love Can't Come / Love Has Come'.
The track was released by Island in 1980, but in 1981 they switched to the Boardwalk Entertainment label.The label was owned by Neil Bogart (with whom the group had worked with during their Five Stairsteps days).
Here the group released 'Really Wanna See You', again co-produced with Alex Masucci, containing the popular title track and the much sought after 'Along The Way'.

Invisible Man's Band - Really Wanna See You

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