Thursday, 26 February 2009

Le Pamplemousse

Taken from the album 'Sweet Dreams' which was released on US disco label AVI (American Variety International) Records in 1978. Le Pamplemousse were cult disco producers W.Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder also famed for their work as El Coco who released some disco nuggets "Le Spank", "Gimme What You Got" and under their El Coco alias "Cocomotion", "Mondo Disco" and "Let's Get It Together". Here though your getting the low slung groover "Do You Have Any? (Ya Know Where I Can Get Some)" which was the last track on the first side. Ohhh, so so sweet...

Le Pamplemousse -Do You Have Any? (Ya Know Where I Can Get Some)

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thebeathunters said...

this one is an old favorite of mine!
rinder& lewis ruled
thanks for the memories